What is Moriche Palm Diet?

A popular Brazilian diet, that contains nutrient rich tropical berries "like acai berry" and exotic "Moriche Palm" fruit. Unlike other diets, the Moriche Palm Diet supplements and herbal contouring cream supplies nutritional balance, weight loss, and as well body-contouring benefits. The fruity diet formula provides the highest source of fiber, antioxidants, and naturally occurring estrogen found in fruit. Traditionally women in Brazil refer to the exotic Moriche Palm Fruit as the "curvy fruit" because of its superior weight loss and unique figure enhancing benefits.

How Does The Moriche Palm Diet Work?

The Moriche Palm Diet utilizes the main nutrient found in the Exotic Moriche Palm Fruit and combines them with the nutrients found in super Acai Berry, Jamaican Plantains, and Alfalfa Leaf. This unique combination provides a complete formula that slims the body while contouring the figure. The Moriche Palm Diet is like none other diet because it truly transforms the body the natural process of binding up stubborn belly fats while flushing out toxins and waste. In addition to that the revolutionary diet system is the only one of its kind that offers weight loss combined with figure enhancing capability.


When On The Moriche Palm Diet, What Can I Expect?

You can expect to achieve your new body the Brazilian Way! That simply means a sexy slim and toned midsection and curvier figure. The organic berries in the fruity supplements provide nutritional fiber and antioxidants to supports natural weight loss along detoxification. The formula will give you more energy and stamina while help you achieve your weight loss goals. While our amazing body contouring cream remarkably lifts, shapes, and accentuates the natural curvature of the hips and buttocks while helping you effortlessly achieve more envious curves in just 30-days.

Recommended By Healthcare Professionals

Even Recommended by fitness professionals, Moriche Palm Diet can help support an active lifestyle. Recommended by Fitness Experts, because it's natural safe and effective.- Dr. Susan Lee


Even Recommended by fitness professionals, Moriche Palm Diet can help support an active lifestyle. Recommended by Fitness Experts, because it's natural safe and effective.

  • Naturally Boosts The metabolism
  • Accentuate A Naturally Curvy Figure
  • Reduces Stubborn Belly Fats
  • Increases Energy and Stamina
  • Detoxifies the body
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"I always thought of my body to be average but I have been trying for year's different diets, fitness routines and meal planning to really get the hourglass shape I have always desired."

Catalina Perez, Los Angeles CA
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What's Inside the Formula?


We Have the Perfect Ingredients

For Achieving That BRAZILIAN BODY!


Moriche Palm, Alfalfa, Plantains, Acai Berry


Shea Butter, Wheat Germ, Buriti Oil, Brazilian Nut

Moriche Palm

This exotic fruit has 5X more beta-carotene than carrot, and provide a high source of protein, Vitamin C + Vitamin
E. This fruit contains natural estrogen properties that may help form a curvier shape.


A herbal supplement shown to detoxify the bladder, as well as improve over all digestion, to aid and weight loss.


A nutrient-dense fruit which is high in fiber and potassium which help support weight loss, by keeping you fuller longer.

Acai Berry

It is a super fruit that energizes the body while boosting the metabolism and reducing the appetite to aid and weight loss.

Shea Butter

Grown exclusively in West Africa, it provides natural fatty acids that protect the skin from both environmental and
free radical damage, while providing extra moisturizing and skin healing benefits.

Wheat Germ

The embryo of the wheat plant, is the most vitamin and mineral-rich part of the wheat kernel. Loaded with B vitamins, fiber, Vitamin E
and good fat, and has been proven to smooth and soften skin texture.

Buriti Oil

The oil from the Moriche Palm plant provides an exceptional source of fatty acids, it also has skin
emollient properties and naturally occurring estrogen that plump and hydrate the skin.

Brazilian Nut

A Super hydrating and moisturizing oil that has excellent source of Vitamin E, that naturally boost the skin's natural anti-aging
process. It also smooth and tone scars to reveal a more even complexion.
Exceptional Customer Service
Do you have more questions? Our high trained agent are beauty specialist with years of experience. Call us 24/hrs a day to place an order or to simply ask questions.
You can reach us by calling 800-613-1032 or by sending us an email at info@morichepalmdiet.com. Our teams of professionals are waiting to assist you.

Other Benefits of Moriche Palm Fruit

Moriche Palm Diet, is an excellent diet containing real tropical fruit and berries. The diet helps to support natural weight loss and figure enhancement by detoxifying the body and balancing the female hormones.- Dr. Morgan White

Everything you need is in the guide. And guess what you'll get a free introductory copy with your purchase of the Moriche Palm Diet system today. The guide contains basic tips on healthy eating, better nutrition, the importance of fitness training and the power of the Brazilian Diet. Now you can transform into a Brazilian bombshell with the tips and techniques inside the guide.
For more information about the Curvy Fit Guide and to receive the full guide which includes a complete meal plan along with additional fitness tips and a comprehensive look into the diet visit Alex Cruz website.

"I Love it!"

"I lost 15 lbs. The diet helped me loose stubborn belly fat from my back side and waist and firmed my buttocks."

"Best Diet Ever!"

"I look and feel younger and more attractive. My butt is fuller firmer and more shapely."

"Lost Weight & Feeling Great!"

"I look amazing in some of my favorite outfit, now that my butt is more shapely and my waist is slimmer."

Total Body Transformation

Imagine, after just 30 days on the Moriche Palm Diet, you achieve the body of your dreams, a slimmer and toned midsection and an enviably rounder buttocks and a curvier shape. Embody the look of a Brazilian Bombshell with our Moriche Palm Diet system, which comes complete with our Herbal Supplements and Contouring Cream. Now you can finally achieve the body of your dream the safe and natural way!

The Moriche Palm Diet Spokesmodels
Chanta Patton Claudia Jordan Rosa Acosta

Some of the Moriche Palm Diet hottest spokesmodels are sexy former video vixen Rosa Acosta, television & Radio personality Claudia Jordan, sexy model and actress Chanta Patton and many more... These women embrace their shapely and curvy figures with the help of the Moriche Palm Brazilian Herbal Diet. These beautiful women are not paid actors and they're have actually used all the products in our line to stay fit and shapely! Now you can try the hottest Brazilian Diet in America to sculpt, shape, and define your new sexy figure like some of your favorite celebrities!

"The Moriche Palm Diet is awesome way to lose weight without losing your curves and for so many women that's important and I am in agreement with that, that's why I take it!"
- Chanta Patton
"For years I've struggled with wanting to be fit and still keep my curves. I either had to pick one or the other-that is until I started taking the Moriche Palm Diet. I love my body now I'am fit and shapely what a breakthrough in the world of diet and nutrition"
- Claudia Jordan
"I really love this product, I've tried it and it works - I've also given it to my mother and friends for that reason because the diet is perfect for us women who embrace our curves!"
- Rosa Acosta

Moriche Palm Diet in the News

You may have heard about this already

Moriche Palm Diet

from your health consultant, personal fitness trainer,

or you may have even seen us in major newsstand publications

like Juicy, Sophisticate's Black Hair, Hype

or Latina Magazine...

You may have already heard of this
remarkable diet, because

the MorichePalm Diet has gone worldwide.

Here's what You get from Moriche Palm Diet

ImageThis super food vitamin supplement from Brazil naturally detoxes and slims the body by fighting fatigue while boosting the metabolism. This formula supports fast weight loss while helping women maintain the naturally curve to their figure. The dietary formula can improve your digestion, help you lose weight while reshaping your curvy figure.

Our highly trained team is available 24/7 to support you in your fitness journey. Feel free to call us with any questions or concerns you have. We're here to help!

1(800) 613-1032 info@morichepalmdiet.com

ImageThe many benefits of the contouring cream offers a rich and natural source of exotic butters and oils from the Amazon that target the buttocks. The remarkable formula combines natural ingredients that shape a perfectly round and firm buttocks. The cream even smoothes the skin to reduce pimples, and lumps and bumps caused by poor circulation which results in cellulitis while fading darks spots and stretchmarks: Bottle size: 60 mL.

ImageBrazilian model and fitness expert Alexa Cruz wants you to know that she recommends our revolutionary Moriche Palm Diet system to shape and sculpt your body the Brazilian Way. In conjunction with our diet, you may follow the tips in Alexa Cruz curvy fit guide to transform your body and change your life. The guide will help the busy professional, mother, and everyday women break the cycle of poor eating, and introduces her to a world of better health and nutrition through diet and fitness. The popular guide is available online and on Amazon.com

Why Do Women Love the Moriche Fruit Diet?

The palm fruit is on the only fruit of its kind that shapes a women's body perfectly by slimming her midsection while enhancing shapely curves. The fruit has been traditionally used in Brazil to restore abundant energy while helping women lose weight faster without compromising their curves. When you combine the figure enhancing properties of Moriche palm fruit along with the weight loss benefits of Acai Berry it's not a wonder why more women use our formula for success!

Toxin And Waste

Flattens The Tummy

Boost The Metabolism

Enhances The Buttocks
And Hips

Female Curves

Hottest Brazilian Diet

The only trusted diet* used by more women in Brazil to amplify sexy curves while losing weight!

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